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Their skills and knowledge of the agricultural world make them essential resources. They are our expert advisors who are available online to assist customers with all their projects and animal welfare needs. Find out the legal aspect surrounding these professionals.




Stéphane Beaudoin, Agrologist


Stephane Beaudoin, AG.

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Member of the agrologists professional order

Bachelor in General Agriculture

Other trainings:

  • PAACO certified auditor 
  • Animal Welfare Officer Course

Stephane has evolved mainly in the fields of agronomy, animal production, animal health, corporate affairs and animal welfare.

Bilingual in English, Stephane works with agricultural businesses, urban and suburban animal owners and small producers.



More than 20 years of experience in the agricultural world

Specialty : Animal welfare assessment, corporate affairs and agriculture at small and large scale 

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Éloïse Denis, Agrologist


Eloise Denis, AG.

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Member of the agrologists professional order

Bachelor in Agriculture and Master in Veterinary sciences

Other trainings:

  • PAACO certified auditor 
  • Animal Welfare Officer Course

With her training, Eloise has perfected her skills in scientific popularization and animal welfare assessment.

Bilingual in English, she specializes in the improvement of animal husbandry practices, more specifically for poultry husbandry.



Ability to critically and objectively assess animal welfare

Specialty : Animal welfare assessment and agriculture at small and large scale 

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Kathy Lapointe, Veterinarian


Kathy Lapointe, DVM.




Member of the veterinary medecine professional order

Doctorate in Veterinary medicine and Bachelor in Agriculture 

Dr. Lapointe has started her ambulatory service for small husbandry and offers a general medicine service for small and large farm animals.

Bilingual in English, Dr. Lapointe has a special interest in backyard birds and online veterinary consultation.



Animal health assessment and husbandry practices improvement 

Specialty : Animal health and online veterinary consultation 

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Catherine François, Agrologist


Catherine Francois, AG.

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Member of the agrologists professional order

Bachelor in Agriculture, Animal sciences

With her training, Catherine has specialised in technical monitoring and improvement of farm animal husbandry practices, particularly poultry, small game and rabbits.

Bilingual in English, Catherine works with agricultural businesses and with small producers.



More than 15 years experience in the agricultural world

Specialty : Poultry, small game (ducks, geese, quail, guinea fowl) and rabbit productions 

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Marylou Tardif, helping relationship worker


Marylou Tardif 

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Counselling worker


Member of the guidance counsellors professional order1

Bachelor and Master in career guidance

Other trainings:

  • Intervention with the suicidal person using good practices
  • Training in coaching and management supervision
  • Training in leadership and management
  • Certificate in communication

Private practice guidance counsellor and mental health worker, Marylou is trained and specialized in crisis, trauma and suicidal intervention.

Bilingual in Spanish, Marylou works in corporate, group and one-on-one.

 1Guidance counsellors are counselling, guidance and career development professionals who practise in the field of mental health and human relations.


More than 6 years of experience as a counselling worker

Specialty : Counselling with various clients and bilingual in Spanish

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