Promote humane treatment and animal welfare


Personalized services focused on animal welfare have been developed to inform and support agricultural and urban producers as well as farm pet owners in their husbandry projects.



The proximity between the professional and the client is at the heart of the company and is put forward in all the services offered.



A goat

Expert examining a goat


Man with a horse

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Rabbits in the grass




Why use magon's services?

  • The human aspect is at the forefront. You will be listened to and not judged.
  • Your questions and information remain completely confidential, protected by professional secrecy and our Code of ethics.
  • The resources offered are designed to meet the needs of a clientele that is generally neglected (small producers, owners of pet animals, breeders aiming for self-sufficiency). The client decides for himself the level of independence or support he wishes to have with the services offered.
  • The services are accessible to all (French/English, evening/weekend, online).
  • The services are entirely independent.


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