Legal aspect of agrologist and veterinarians in Quebec


Agrologists and veterinarians are bound by the agrologist act and the veterinary surgeon act in addition to their respective codes of ethics. These laws define the agrologist and veterinary acts.


Agrologist act:

Every act performed for remuneration, which has as its object the communication or propagation of or experimentation with the principles, laws and processes relating to cultivation of agricultural plants, or to the raising of farm animals, or to the organization or general development of arable soils or the administration of an agricultural undertaking.


Veterinary act:

Every act the object of which is to give veterinary advice, to make a pathological examination of an animal, to make a veterinary diagnosis, to prescribe medications for animals, to practise a surgical operation on an animal, to treat a medical or surgical veterinary disorder by using a mechanical, physical, chemical, biological or radiotherapy process, or to approve or condemn exofficio the meat of domestic animals for consumption.


Veterinary and agrologist acts can only be performed by veterinarians and agrologists, or persons under the supervision of these professionals. By complying with all of these requirements, Magon offers you not only a quality service, but also a service that respects the legal framework.