Online counselling

The forced lockdown has allowed telepractice to flourish in many areas. Counselling is no exception to this.

The counselling follows the rhythm of the person being helped, without trying to share solutions, but rather accompanying him or her to discover his or her own answers.

When practising through telepractice, one must refer to the same professional standards or norms of practice as in face-to-face intervention. More specifically, presence, respect, empathy and listening are the basic qualities that all counselling workers must demonstrate.

Discover the four main advantages that online counselling can bring you.

  1. Convenient and accessible

    Consulting a professional trough online counselling is more convenient, especially with today's lifestyle. It is a method that is perfectly adapted to the constraints of everyday life! Online consultation is a significant time saver in this sense. In addition, video conference therapy is particularly suitable for people with reduced mobility. In other words, accessibility of services is a definite advantage.

  2. Ease of expression and trust

    In a way, it is ideal to consult a professional online from your home. This way, you are in your environment, in your element and above all in your comfort zone. For this reason, it is easier to establish a bond of trust. You are usually able to choose a time slot that suits you. In this way, you may spontaneously feel more comfortable quickly, because the therapy takes place on your terms and at your availability. You can pet your cat, drink your favourite comforting beverage, or wrap yourself in your favourite blanket during the meeting. Online counselling allows this, because you are in the comfort of your own home, in an environment in which you most likely feel safe.

  3. Disruptive and confidential

    Depending on your family situation, online counselling can increase your presence and concentration during the meeting. Telepractice remains extremely confidential. However, to optimize confidentiality during the meeting, we recommend that no one else can hear what is said during the meeting. This ideally means that you are alone in the room. It is also important to use your personal computer as much as possible and to avoid any noise and disturbance during the meeting.

  4. The right professional for the right need

    From a distance, it is easier to access the right professional for your need, especially if you have a very specific problem. Waiting times can be shorter in some circumstances. Also, since geographic location is no longer a limitation, you can access more specialized professionals.

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