Conference : College level

Conference : College level

Virtually invite a speaker who specializes in agriculture and agri-food. Learn about animal husbandry, the food industry and the agricultural sector through passionate discussions and informative workshops.

$150.00 - Virtual conference (60 minutes)
  • Invite in a virtual form a specialist of the agriculture and agri-food world for a one-hour conference during which you can discuss with them and ask your questions. The information is popularized and made accessible to a college audience, regardless of the type of conference that interests you.

    If you are interested in a in-person format, contact us at

  • Here's how to book a conference: 

    1. Add the conference to your shopping cart and complete your purchase. You will then receive a confirmation email.
    2. Click on the booking link included in the email to schedule the conference.
    3. Select a time slot and a speaker, then enter your order number to finalize the reservation. You will receive a call from the speaker within 48 hours to discuss your conference options.
  • Several conference options are available:

    • Philosophical discussion on the agricultural industry: Debate and argument building
    • Science in an agricultural and agri-food context
    • Demystification of myths in agri-food: myths, truths or lies?
    • Questions-answers workshop on the animal world: 10 selected questions from students
    • Discussion on current concerns and the future of agriculture

    The conference can take any form you wish. You will have the opportunity to discuss it directly with the chosen speaker once the reservation is made.