Online consultation : Farm animals

Online consultation : Farm animals

Talk to a professional who specializes in farm animal husbandry. Receive science-based explanations, not opinions or misinformation. 

  • Benefit from expert advice to:


    • Improve your husbandry practices and ensure the well-being of your animals

    • Prepare yourself for the acquisition of farm animals and become a more careful and methodical owner

    • Avoid certain mistakes that could have serious consequences for your animals

    • And of course, ask your questions without embarrassment and without judgment

  • Here's how to make an appointment with an expert:


    1. Add a consultation to your cart and then complete your purchase. You should receive a confirmation email shortly after completing your purchase.

    2. Click on the booking link included in the email to make an appointment.

    3. Select a time slot for your selected expert and enter your order number to finalize the reservation.
  • Benefit from expert advice through the following two online consultation options:


    1. Emergency consultation with an agrologist (within 24 hours)

    2. Online consultation with an agrologist or a veterinarian (7 days or more)

    The emergency consultation should be prioritized when you are facing a problematic situation for which you need immediate professional support. The duration of the consultation is 30 minutes and allows you to discuss online with an agrologist specialized in animal husbandry.