On-farm chicken slaughterhouses

MAPAQ is implementing a pilot project for on-farm chicken slaughterhouses that will allow farmers to sell their chickens directly on the farm or at the farmer’s market.


This project, which aims to promote sustainable and local agriculture, will certainly be the envy of local market farmers. During this 4-year trial period, participating producers will have to comply with municipal and ministerial regulations concerning their facilities, while meeting food safety and animal welfare requirements. To ensure monitoring, MAPAQ will conduct inspection visits to participants' facilities and take samples for analysis.

The producers who will be part of this project will have great responsibility regarding the operation of a slaughterhouse. To assist those who will be involved in this project, Magon offers coaching for :

  • The application process to participate in the pilot project;
  • The design of slaughter and processing facilities to meet municipal and ministerial standards;
  • The development and implementation of food safety and animal welfare procedures;
  • The preparation for MAPAQ inspections and the implementation of corrective measures that may follow;
  • Any other needs related to this project that participants may have during the trial period.

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